Standard Non Woven Grinding Wheels

Standard Non Woven Grinding Wheels

The non woven grinding wheels are made of high tenacity fiber and special viscose. Non woven grinding wheels are water resistant and oil resistant. It is stronger and more durable than ordinary non-woven products. The ore is distributed evenly and the processing results remain stable and consistent.

    non woven grinding wheels


    The non woven grinding wheels consists of cloth fabric and environmental glue. Non woven grinding wheels have been widely used in various industries, such as aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and spare parts manufacturing, chemical machinery, food machinery, metal processing, abrasive production and manufacturing, shipbuilding, and so on.

    use of non woven grinding wheels:

    Metal welding, removal of oxides and dirt before and after welding.

    Remove all kinds of surface coatings, protective paints and insulating paints, such as car body.

    Clean and rust-proof metal surfaces.

    Clean the injection shaft of the injection molding machine.

    Remove blemishes on concrete siding.

    Residual fuel and rubber gaskets on rocket engines.

    Clearance of cylinder bores.

    Cleaning and maintenance of factory equipment to remove fine dirt and hard surface

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