Nylon Abrasive Flap Wheel

Nylon Abrasive Flap Wheel

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    nylon abrasive flap wheel

    nylon abrasive flap wheel.jpgThe nylon abrasive flap wheel is made of scouring pad, so the polishing performance is good, and the sanded grain is uniform, especially for the grinding and polishing of some irregular small slits and curved surfaces.

    Size: According to customer needs to order any size

    Grit number range: 40-600#

    Uses: The nylon abrasive flap wheel can be assembled on electric/pneumatic tools, which is very suitable for stainless steel pipe fittings/valves/concave surface treatment/weld seams, the nylon abrasive flap wheele is specially in the aviation field. 

    Uses of the nylon abrasive flap wheel: Deburring, rust removal, metal (plastic) surface grinding, inner surface, curved surface grinding, grinding before painting.

    Advantages: The cutting force of the product is very strong, the heat-resistant wear-resistant/sand-sand-synchronized consumption effect is very significant, and the service life of the imported products is longer than that of the same industry.

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