Angle Grinder Flap Wheel

Angle Grinder Flap Wheel

Grit: 40/60/80/120/180/240/320#
Customized: Yes
Offer sample: Yes

    angle grinder flap wheel

    angle grinder flap wheel.jpg

    The angle grinder flap wheel is made of alumina and silicon carbide abrasives and emery cloth substrate. The fibrous substrate connected with the abrasive cloth is not easy to break, reducing the wear of the angle grinder flap wheel.

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    The angle grinder flap wheel is applicable to all kinds of chuck electric drill, can be installed in high-power electric grinder, pneumatic tools, electric drills, pneumatic drills, bench drill line operation. The angle grinder flap wheel has wide range of applications, can be used for furniture, crafts, molds, a variety of metal and non-metallic materials polished.

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