Surface Grinding Wheels Supply

Surface Grinding Wheels Supply

The surface grinding wheels adopt alumina abrasive cloth, arrange around the central hole radially. The surface grinding wheels is suitable for thick, me-dium precision of rubbing and so on.

    surface grinding wheels

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    The surface grinding wheels, adopt the domestic emery cloth, brute force sticks, reliable craft production. The surface grinding wheels are open and ad-equate distribution while using have improved the precision of using. Surface grinding wheels  are specially suitable for the aluminium alloy die casting, rubing the polishing.

    Application of the surface grinding wheels

    surface grinding wheels have high flexibility.

    Flaps wear off uniformly and without residue on the workpiece surface, exposing fresh, sharp abrasive grain at all times.

    Due to the special cast core construction, the surface grinding wheels can be worked very close to edges and corners.

    Remmended applications of the surface grinding wheels: Finishing, ligh deburring, cleaning or preparation for subsequent treatments on small or hard-to-reach surfaces such as the internal surfaces of pipes, cylinders, parts of irregular shape.

    Work surfaces of the surface grinding wheels: Stainless steel, standard steel, alloyed steel, aluminium, titanium, nonferrous materials and alloys, plastic materials, glass fiber, rubber, marble, stone, concrete, wood, hide or leather.

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