Sharpening Wheel Polishing Wheel

Sharpening Wheel Polishing Wheel

Grit: 40/60/80/120/180/240/320#
Customized: Yes
Offer sample: Yes

    sharpening wheel

    sharpening wheel.jpgThe sharpening wheel is made of all-resin abrasive cloth. All-resin abrasive cloth is made by electrostatic sanding process, high-strength resin, selected abrasive and special matrix. Strong bonding advanced production process, processed by assembly line.. The sharpening wheel is suitable for rough polishing and grinding of various metals or non-metals. The sharpening wheel has high tensile strength, good flexibility and wide adaptability.

    sharpening wheel (2).jpgThe sharpening wheel has strong grinding force and long service life. Sharp grinding, strong durability, high tensile strength of the cloth base, high grinding pressure and good effect. The sharpening wheel is suitable for all kinds of defects, burrs, welds, surface polishing of small workpieces, suitable for various inner holes. , curved, curved and other polishing.The sharpening wheel can be used with straight grinders, bench drills, pistol drills, etc.

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