Sanding Wheel Grinder Disc

Sanding Wheel Grinder Disc

Grit: 40/60/80/120/180/240/320#
Customized: Yes
Offer sample: Yes

    sanding wheel

    sanding wheel.jpgThe sanding wheel is a connecting block cast from an adhesive; the rotating shaft and the abrasive cloth for connecting the electric tool are radially glued to the peripheral wall of the connecting block around the center point to form a shaft-shaped page wheel. The utility model is characterized in that the bottom of the sand cloth is further glued with a sleeve having an inner cavity, the outer wall of the sleeve is cast with an adhesive and embedded in the connecting block, and the inner cavity transmission shaft extends into the inner screw. 

    sanding wheel.jpg1, supporting tools for the sanding wheel: straight angle grinder, portable electric drill, pneumatic tools, electric drill, pneumatic drill, bench drill, assembly line operation 

    2, sanding wheel features: sharp grinding, strong grinding force, strong durability, long life, cloth The base has high tensile strength, the sanding wheel has good effect and high production efficiency.

    Scope of application: The sanding wheel is applied to all kinds of complex profiles of metal and non-metal, deep hole polishing and finishing. Sanding wheel is especially suitable for grinding and polishing concave and convex surfaces and sides.

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