10mm Grinder Flap Wheel

10mm Grinder Flap Wheel

Grit: 40/60/80/120/180/240/320#
Customized: Yes
Offer sample: Yes

    10mm grinder flap wheel

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    The 10mm grinder flap wheel is made of abrasive cloth laminated and resin glue, suitable for a variety of metal and non-metallic polishing, for example, furniture, crafts, molds, music, various models, ship models.

    How to use

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    The 10mm grinder flap wheel can be mounted on electric drills, high power electric grinders. When instal the 10mm grinder flap wheel, please pay attention to the direction of the leaves to avoid reverse operation and can not be used normally. Wear masks and protective glasses when using. Before use, please idle for 1 minute to observe whether the rotation direction is correct.

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