Zirconium Oxide Flap Disc

Zirconium Oxide Flap Disc

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    zirconium oxide flap disc

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    Zirconium oxide flap disc is suitable for the plastic base, has the very high volume, suitable for high tenacity grinding, our zirconium oxide flap disc is different from other similar products, and it can accommodate polished aluminum, stainless steel...zirconium oxide flap disc.jpg

    The biggest characteristic is to adopt new physical structure and bonding process. So it is of high security performance.
    Thezirconium oxide flap dis has the following characteristics: 1, high elastic;2, high tensile and bending strength;3, large amount of grinding;4, high efficiency

    Advantage of REX products:

    1. Economical

    2. Strong finishing capability

    3. Long service life

    4. Abrasion and heat resistance

    5. Environment- friendly

    zirconium oxide flap disc.jpg

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