Stone Polishing Disc

Stone Polishing Disc

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    stone polishing disc

    stone polishing disc.jpgThe special stone polishing disc for stone uses high-quality high-temperature silicon carbide abrasive, and the fine abrasive screening process makes the gravel uniform, rhombic shape and pointed face up; and the gauze is uniformly adsorbed on the cotton cloth base by electrostatic adsorption principle, using special Material all-resin binder; using the principle of stainless steel angle grinder and workers' habits, stone polishing disc is evenly distributed on the page machine body with 72-piece type. The page wheel is fast for heat dissipation during grinding, and the cutting force is very strong; Not like the stone industry and other processing industry masters

    This stone polishing disc has the characteristics of stable chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient and good wear resistance.

    Mainly used in the processing of stone, glass, soft metal, medium, high density fiberboard, lacquer, plastic, wood, rubber, leather, etc.

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