Grinder Tool China Flap Disc

Grinder Tool China Flap Disc

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    grinder tool

    grinder tool.jpgThe calcined alumina grinder tool (flap disc) is an upgraded product of the special grinder tool. The grinder tool is developed by foreign advanced technology and technology, and is produced by batch line. The grinder tool performance meets the requirements and effects of foreign counterparts. Grinder tool has more synchronism, more metal cutting, more cutting parts, saves cutting time, improves cutting efficiency, and is cost-effective, especially for enterprises that pay attention to ergonomics.

    grinder tool.jpgThe grinder tool is suitable for grinding and polishing in stainless steel, metal, metallurgy, automotive, wood, marble and other industries. grinder tool has strong elasticity, high bending strength and good grinding effect. It has a fast grinding speed, good effect and low noise during grinding. The grinder tool is suitable for all major metal parts factories and machinery factories.

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