Buffing Wheel China Flap Disc

Buffing Wheel China Flap Disc

1. Economical
2. Strong finishing capability
3. Long service life
4. Abrasion and heat resistance
5. Environment- friendly

    buffing wheel

    buffing wheel.jpgThe buffing wheel is composed of a plurality of abrasive cloth sheets stuck on the tray in a fan-shaped arrangement, and each of the abrasive cloth and the plane of the tray has an angle of 10°-30°. The arrangement can make the abrasive cloth wheel grind and polish the workpiece to maximize the cutting angle, ensure the synchronous consumption of the substrate and the mat of the buffing wheel, obviously improve the overall wear resistance and grinding efficiency of the flat abrasive cloth wheel, and prolong the use of the abrasive cloth wheel life.The buffing wheel is a first-class brown corundum which is more hard and sharp after being calcined at a high temperature of more than 2000 degrees. The grinding force and wear resistance are one to two times that of ordinary sand, because the operator is greatly improved. Labor efficiency, cost performance is also relatively obvious, and now buffing wheel is very popular with the market.

    buffing wheel.jpgThe buffing wheel is widely used in stainless steel, metal, metallurgy, shipbuilding, automotive, wood processing, construction, plastics and other industries for welds, seams, bristles, rust and casting cleaning.

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