Angle Disc

Angle Disc

1. Economical
2. Strong finishing capability
3. Long service life
4. Abrasion and heat resistance
5. Environment- friendly

    angle disc

    angle disc.jpgThe angle disc is also called flap disc. This angle disc is made of plastic or fiber mesh cover and abrasive cloth sheets. The base has mesh cover nylon, plastic, etc. The sand cloth is divided into small pieces and small pieces, which are fan-shaped and even. Distribution for angle grinders. It is used for grinding and grinding of welds and positive burrs. The angle disc has the advantages of good elasticity, high efficiency, good heat dissipation and low noise. This angle disc is characterized by strong elasticity and high bending strength with good tensile strength. It has a fast grinding speed, good effect and low noise during grinding. The angle disc is suitable for all major metal parts factories, machinery factories, etc.

    angle disc.jpg

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