6 Inch Flap Sanding Discs

6 Inch Flap Sanding Discs

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    6 inch flap sanding discs

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    The 6 inch flap sanding discs are made of calcined alumina abrasive cloth, the diameter of the cover is 90MM (fiberglass backing). The workmanship is neat and tidy, and 6 inch flap sanding discs are more sharp and durable. It has a qualitative leap in both wear and durability.

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    Metal, wood and other industries grinding strong flap disc, the 6 inch flap sanding discs are a strong abrasive cloth and other materials for the matrix, with high-grade abrasive cloth as the abrasive material by a special process processed coated abrasive, mounted on the angle grinder, suitable for iron Non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and stone and plastic grinding and grinding, welding and flashing of the stamping parts can be used interchangeably with resin-shaped grinding wheels. High elasticity, good self-sharpening, the 6 inch flap sanding discs have high grinding efficiency, good heat dissipation, low noise, long service life, etc.

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