China Mini Cheap Polishing Disc Aluminum Flap Disc

China Mini Cheap Polishing Disc Aluminum Flap Disc

1. Economical
2. Strong finishing capability
3. Long service life
4. Abrasion and heat resistance
5. Environment- friendly

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    Technical parameters:




    Customized: Yes

    Offer sample: Yes

    Polishing disc:

    The polishing disc is made of aluminum oxide abrsive cloth. There are  fiberglass and plastic backing polishing discs. 


    1. Compared with traditional products, the polishing disc reduces process time

    2. Maximum contact with work surface without loading

    3. The aluminum flap disc has consistent grinding and good performance

    4. The polishing disc has lower noise and vibration compared to depressed center grinding discs

    5. The polishing disc has long service life

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    We're one of the leading China manufacturers of various abrasive products. If the polishing disc meets your requirement, please be free to place orders with our factory. Excellent service and competitive price are offered.

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