Angle Grinder Abrasive Discs

Angle Grinder Abrasive Discs

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    angle grinder abrasive discs

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    The angle grinder abrasive discs are made of Sanling Emery cloth, the emery cloth is divided into a small piece and a small piece. It is evenly distributed in a fan shape to ensure the grinding effect. The feature is that it has strong elasticity, high tensile bending strength and good grinding effect.

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    Our angle grinder abrasive discs have got the MPA certificate.

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    The angle grinder abrasive discs are suitable for the grinding and grinding of iron and non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and stone and plastics, as well as the grinding of welding seams, welding burrs, stamping parts flash burrs, and can be used interchangeably with resin enamel type grinding wheels. The angle grinder abrasive discs have the advantages of high elasticity, good self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency, good heat dissipation, low noise and long service life.

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