Aluminum Polishing Flap Disc

Aluminum Polishing Flap Disc

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    aluminum polishing flap disc

    aluminum polishing flap disc.jpgThe aluminum polishing flap disc is commonly used in portable polishers and sanders, and is increasingly popular sanding discs. The grinding quality of the aluminum polishing flap disc is stable and does not burn the workpiece, especially for small-sized sheet metal or stainless steel that needs special polishing. These new discs are not only strong and safe. Since there is no backing plate, aluminum polishing flap disc can also be used directly on the machine. This aluminum polishing flap disc is divided into grid pages, high-strength plastic cover pages and steel paper sheets, widely used in automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, molds, instruments, meters, medical equipment, grinding, polishing, finishing and other processes. Descaling, modification and polishing are highly efficient and can be used with a variety of complex surfaces. 

    Aluminum polishing flap disc is mainly used for the grinding of welded parts such as automobiles, home appliances, shipbuilding, iron frames and bridges. The metal is trimmed and trimmed.

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